ball milled characterization,  · and characterization of a novel composite phase change material with double phase change points based on ... Crittenden, J., Ball-milled carbon nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications. ACS Sustainable Chemistry andQ1, IF=6) ...ChemistrySelect: Vol 5, No 23,  · Ball milled multiwalled carbon nanotubes (BMWCNT) were subjected to covalent functionalization, in order to study the effect of ball milling on dispersion stability of BMWCNTs. BMWCNTs were thermally oxidized before covalent functionalization to reduce the probability of functional groups getting attached to amorphous carbon.Evaluation of Microbial Solubilisation of Nano Rock Phosphate,  · that, the same materials were ball milled at ambient temperature with high energy intensity (specific process or methodology is under patent application). The size of fine particles (< 100 nm) of RP was measured by dynamic light scattering technique

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