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Lisp machine,  · Lisp machines are general-purpose computers designed to efficiently run Lisp as their main software and programming language, usually via hardware support.They are an example of a high-level language computer architecture, and in a sense, they were the first commercial single-user workstations..The Evolution of Sensor Technology,  · Sensors will also be part of a self-sustaining equation. As their utility increases, and their economic viability surfaces, companies will be spending more to develop sensors and sensor technology. Such development will be centered on size, speed, power, and application.A Strategic Pivot to Outer Space,  · Mined metals from these asteroids could be brought back to Earth; even better, they could be used to jump-start a self-sustaining space-based manufacturing economy. Materials from near-Earth metallic asteroids could be transported to orbital factories with 3D printing capabilities to construct satellites and very large structures in space.5 Advantages of CAN Bus Protocol,  · As you deploy your products into the live environment, you'll want to choose a communication protocol that is self-sustaining, with the ability to carry on operating for long periods of time without outside maintenance or intervention.What does it mean to be human? |,  · Only God is self-sustaining and self-sufficient. We have needs of body, soul, and spirit. Our bodies must receive food, drink, and rest in order to survive. Our souls must have fellowship with others, outlets for creativity, and times of mental, emotional, and.

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Lisp Machines,  · Lisp Machines, Inc. was a company formed in 1979 by Richard Greenblatt of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to build Lisp machines. It was based in Cambridge, Massachusetts . By 1979, the Lisp Machine Project at MIT, originated and headed by Greenblatt, had constructed over 30 CADR computers for various projects at MIT.COVID,  · Moreover, biological systems are fundamentally self-sustaining and self-replicating. Interfering with them could have profound, long-lasting, and often unpredictable effects on ecosystems.sustainable fishing | National Geographic Society,  · Sustainable fishing guarantees there will be populations of ocean and freshwater wildlife for the future. Aquatic environments are home to countless species of fish and invertebrates, most of which are consumed as food. (Others are harvested for economic reasons, such as oysters that produce pearls used in jewelry.) ...

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