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Lego Exo,  · Exo-Force pilots have reported seeing Devastators of various colors. Iron Drone - Iron Drones are strong and durable. As the foot soldiers for the robot army, they are very good at following orders, but terrible at improvising in an unexpected situation or devising any kind of strategy.Jigsaw (Marvel Comics),  · Jigsaw (William "Billy" Russo, also known as "The Beaut" before his disfigurement) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Len Wein and artist Ross Andru, the character made his first full appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #162 (November 1976). He is depicted as an enemy of ...A Dreadnoks Tale Part 1,  · A Dreadnoks Tale (concluding a story begun in Dreadnok Sibling Rivalry and continued in Dreadnok Heist} Loud noises could be heard coming from a small shack located far off the beaten path in the American southwest. The shack appeared dilapidated and ...Exo,  · Exo-Force is een productlijn van de Deense speelgoedfabrikant LEGO die sinds 2005 wordt verkocht. Het verhaal achter de productlijn gaat over een aantal figuren van het team Exo-Force die de gespleten Sentai Mountain proberen te verdedigen tegen allesvernietigende robotsEco Wiki,  · About Eco Eco is an online world from Strange Loop Games where players must build civilization using resources from an ecosystem that can be damaged and destroyed. The world of Eco is an incredibly reactive one, and whatever any player does in the world.

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Lego Ninjago,  · LEGO Ninjago is a Lego theme introduced in 2011.[1] It is the first to be based on ninja since the discontinuation of the Ninja sub theme of the Castle line in 2000.[2] Whilst it retains some elements of this previous theme, one of the main differences is a more detailed accompanying story, primarily underpinned by the TV series that it's ...List of Iron Man enemies,  · Crusher I - A South American scientist who created the "Crusher 1" Formula which granted him with super-strength, dense skin, and a weight of 1,000 lb (450 kg). D Detroit Steel - Usually as an adversary or rival to Iron Man. Principal characters in storylines that.Dreadnok Heist,  · Dreadnok Heist (continuing the story from Dreadnok Sibling Rivalry) Two powerful motorcycles rumbled through a dilapidated manufacturing area passing a series of run down factories. Due to the surrounding desolation, the two mechanical beasts failed to arouse ...The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard,  · The computer player is a cheating bastard whenever the "rules" differ between you and AI-controlled opponents. This can be a quick-and-dirty method of achieving a "level" playing field against a skilled human player (especially in older games, where hardware and AI ...

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