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How to check CPU temperature on Ubuntu Linux,  · One can use the watch command command to run sensors command repeatedly, displaying its output on screen: watch sensors How can I show the CPU temperature in the GNOME panel Install Freon and Sensors extension for Ubuntu Linux desktop:Surface supported operating systems,  · Surface Pro devices are optimized for 64-bit versions of the operating system. On these devices, 32-bit versions of Windows are unsupported. If a 32-bit version of the operating system is installed, it may not start correctly. This may occur if you try to start from ...Magnetic particle inspection,  · Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) process for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and some of their alloys. The process puts a magnetic field into the part. The piece can be magnetized by direct or indirect magnetization. Direct ...Electrostatic detection device,  · Charging of surface: the top surface of the charging film must be electrostatically charged. To achieve this most EDDs use a shielded (grounded) hand-held unit containing a high-tension corona wire [21] which is turned on and literally waved over the entire surface of platen for several seconds criss-crossing the platen area.Microsoft Surface Keyboard Not Working,  · The Microsoft Surface tablets, paired with the Microsoft Type Cover keyboard, is a value for money machine for college-goers on a tight budget. But as always with devices, you might have some hick-ups with your Type Cover keyboard and if investing in a new keyboard is out of the picture for you, try these solution methods to fix Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard problems on your Surface Tablet..

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18 Tools Every Concrete Contractor Must Have,  · Also known as long-wave ultraviolet light (or UVA light), blacklight causes specific materials to "fluoresce" or radiate visible light in total darkness. This essentially means that when put under UVA light, the material will glow. According to Horiba Scientific, a company that provides scientific instruments, bodily fluids such saliva, semen, and vaginal fluid will fluoresce and can thus be ...

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