ngsi classifier pada ball mill

Austronesian Comparative Dictionary,  · Paama (43) OC. see: Paamese 524. Paamese (43) OC (Crowley 1992) [pma] (Paama) Vanuatu [aka: Paama, Lironesa] ahin woman; (POC: *papine) *bahi ahin-ali sister ...Austronesian Comparative Dictionary,  · pekel to form, gather, compress something into a ball, tight mas, lump, cluster (as rice grains when eating with the fingers) (PPH: *pekel) pelsa a boil on the skin; carbuncle, furuncle (PPH: *peRsa) pe-Ε‹ato to raise, cause something to go up, go higher (PPH: *) ).

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Austronesian Comparative Dictionary,  · 8. Agutaynen (767) WMP (Caabay et al. 2014) [agn] Philippines abay for people to sit or walk side by side; for boats to travel side by side; bridesmaid (PPH: *abay) aboloy food or money donated or given to a family who has just lost their house or lost a loved one (PPH: *abúluy) ...

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