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Rare earths trade dispute,  · The rare earths trade dispute, between China on one side and several countries (led chiefly by the US) on the other, was over China's export restrictions on rare earth elements as well as tungsten and molybdenum, which are used to make many electronics. China controls 97% of the production of these elements. The US, EU and Japan argued that ...Earth,  · Earth-moving equipment covers a broad range of machines that can excavate and grade soil and rock, along with other jobs. Earth movers and other heavy equipment help to speed not only earth work but also materials handling, demolition, and construction.A Look at Rare Earth Metals and Their Applications,  · Rare earth metals are actually not as rare as their name might imply. They are critical to high-performance optics and lasers, and essential to the most powerful magnets and superconductors in the world. Rare earths are simply more expensive to mine than most ...China to buy rare earths from U.S. as part of trade pact,  · Jan 15- China has agreed to buy two types of rare earth metals from the United States as part of an initial trade deal inked on Wednesday, a move likely to boost U.S. production ...Rare,  · Rare-earth magnets are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare-earth elements. Developed in the 1970s and 1980s, rare-earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets made, producing significantly stronger magnetic fields than other types such as ferrite or alnico magnets. The magnetic field typically produced by rare-earth ....

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Rare Earths Company Outlines 2020 Project Goals,  · Flotation testing yielded a 48.7% light rare earth oxide (LREO), high grade concentrate of cerium, lanthanum, neodymium and praseodymium oxides, and showed an 85.7% recovery on locked cycle tests. Defense Metals began hydrometallurgical studies, which initially indicated that high REE extractions can be accomplished via acid leaching and caustic conversion.

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