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United States / Latin America,  · Manufacturer of electrical, electronic, mechanical and utility products.Preface,  · Ferric hydroxide is known to remove contaminants from solution including, but not limited to, copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), cobalt (Co), cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As) and lead (Pb). While it may often be difficult to prevent redox changes, acidification of samples being analyzed for metals will prevent metals from precipitating.Titanium,  · Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. Titanium is resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine.Titanium was discovered in Cornwall, Great Britain, by William Gregor in 1791 and was named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth after the Titans of Greek mythology.ScienceDirect,  · A large number of such pollutants, including heavy metals and metalloids, for example Cd, Cr, Cu, Zn, Pb, and As, are present in CDW (Butera et al., 2014b; Øygard et al., 2005; Taha et al., 2019), and therefore their leaching from a CBCW must be explored.Möss spectroscopy,  · Möss spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique based on the Möss effect. This effect, discovered by Rudolf Möss (sometimes written "Moess", German: "Möß") in 1958, consists of the nearly recoil-free emission and absorption of nuclear gamma rays in solids. The consequent nuclear spectroscopy method is exquisitely ....

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