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Where does sugar come from?,  · Where does sugar come from? 1 WEIGH Sugar cane billets arrive at the mill where each load is weighed by automatic weigh stations. 2 SHRED The billets are tipped onto a cane carrier and taken to the shredder. The shredder chops and shreds the cane, rupturingCoal companies of Australia,  · Anglo Coal Australia Ltd Anglo Coal Australia Ltd owns and operates a number of mines in Queensland and New South Wales. Mines Callide mine: is a leading Queensland domestic coal producer providing low-sulphur, sub-bituminous thermal coal primarily for domestic power generation. primarily for domestic power generation.Quandong stones: A specialised Australian nut,  · The quandong or native peach (Santalum acuminatum R.Br.) has been recognised as an important and tasty food resource among Aboriginal Australians in arid and semi-arid areas of southern Australia. It is valued for its fruit that is consumed raw or dried, and for its kernel, which is eaten raw or ground into paste for medicinal and skin care purposes. This paper reports on a study of ground ...Ottery Mine,  · Ottery Mine is a heritage-listed former mine located 8 km north-east of Emmaville, Glen Innes Severn, New South Wales, Australia.It was built from 1882 to 1939. The property is owned by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999.Interesting Old Equipment, Projects & Work Places,  · We used to do maintenance work on a Oil Seed Crushing plant here in Brisbane. They used Hexane to extract the oil from the pulp by boiling it off in a giant toaster. when working in the plant they supplied copper coated tools to prevent sparks. when they did a shutdown the hexane was pumped into storage tanks underground ..

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