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Mining engineering,  · Mining in the engineering discipline is the extraction of minerals from underneath, above or on the ground. Mining engineering is associated with many other disciplines, such as mineral processing, exploration, excavation, geology, and metallurgy, geotechnical engineering and surveying. A mining engineer may manage any phase of mining ...Future of mining industry | Deloitte Insights,  · As mining companies continue to progress towards becoming truly intelligent mining organizations, roles will continue to evolve. Understanding how work needs to change to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances and leverage technology to ensure more meaningful and safe work can help the industry transform and overcome disruption.The Mining Industry Could Strike Gold With Automation,  · The mining industry was actually one of the first industries alongside defence to adopt automation technology, but since that first step, there has not been much progress.Challenges of Data Mining,  · Nowadays Data Mining and knowledge discovery are evolving a crucial technology for business and researchers in many domains.Data Mining is developing into established and trusted discipline, many still pending challenges have to be solved. Some of theseHow Blockchain is Revolutionizing Content Distribution,  · As blockchain technology becomes more ubiquitous, centralized content hubs will no longer be able to exercise the same degree of control over the system..

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Top 10 Trending Technologies,  · Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology is everywhere, from text mining, web mining, healthcare, banking, entertainment, self-driving cars, smartphones to homes. These are the reasons that it remains at the top position in the list of the trending technologies of 2020.

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