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Politics and its Discontents: Build That Wall!,  · The downward trajectory of the U.S. can only be hastened by the current crisis and obvious vacuum of national leadership, Mound. For a more enlightened people, this would be a call to irrevocable revolution, but I doubt that is the outcome we will see in such aThe Sith'ari | FanFiction,  · I chose to change my username from Alucard the Crimson Fucker to The Sith'ari so my account won't get deleted in case Critics United or any other flamers planned on using it against me. The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man ...WEB OF EVIL (& ENNUI): T.111 Sunk Again,  · FRI 24 NOV 1944 Pacific USAAF B-29s based in the Marianas raid Tokyo, Japan, for the first time. Motor torpedo boats are relieved of patrol duty in the northern Solomons. Infantry landing craft gunboats [LCI(G)] and motor gunboats [PGM] will operate in their stead. ...Death by burning,  · Death by burning (also known as immolation) is an execution method involving combustion or exposure to extreme heat. It has a long history as a form of capital punishment, and many societies have employed it for criminal activities such as treason, heresy and witchcraft..America shoots itself in the foot,  · This machine has no objective other than to keep struggling without spawning any sudden breakdowns or prematurely inconvenient deaths. Much as many might wish to deny it, the plausible end of this self-destroying machinery will be to prevent Americans from remembering who they are now and (far more importantly) who they might once still have become..

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