sanitizing a washing machine

How to Clean a Washing Machine,  · Tips for Keeping your Washing Machine Clean Leave the door to the washer open following each load to allow it to dry out. If you have a fan in your laundry room, let it run for 15 minutes to reduce moisture in the air. Pre-treat any stains with a stain spray and rinse away any dirt or debris before placing an item in the washer.How To Disinfect Your Washing Machine | Angie's List,  · Here's an unpleasant fact: 25 percent of washing machines contain traces of fecal bacteria from our clothes. Don't panic! You can quickly disinfect your washing machine and kill bacteria with just one common kitchen item: white vinegar.4 Ways to Clean Mops,  · Wash the pads in the washing machine after every use. Most steam mops have removable fabric pads that are easy to clean and maintain. Make sure the mop head is cool enough to touch, and remove the pad. Then wash it on a normal cycle with every-dayHow to Clean a Washing Machine with Vinegar: 12 Steps,  · To clean a top-loading washing machine with vinegar, start by running it on the hottest and longest setting. As it's filling up with water, pour 4 cups of white vinegar into the washer. For an even deeper cleaning, add 1 cup of baking soda to the washer as well.How does the sanitize feature work on a dishwasher,  · The sanitize cycle has both a legal meaning and a practical one. For something to be considered sanitizing, the Environmental Protection Agency looks for removal of 99.99% of bacteria. The National Sanitation Foundation, a product testing company, awards certain appliances with certifications, like the NSF/ANSI Standard 184, which makes sure that a dishwasher can reach at least 150 F during ....

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